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During the current pandemic there is little prospect of getting live performances of orchestral works. The performances here have been achieved through music technology. There are obvious limitations (in particular, the lack of human expression and the misinterpretation of some articulations etc), but overall, I hope that the listener will get a fair impression of what was intended and how it might sound when played by a real orchestra.


1st Movement

2nd Movement.

First performed by the pupils of Edgbarrow School Crowthorne in Decemeber 1981, conducted by the composer. The musical was written specifically for schools. The orchestration provides for classroom instruments in addition to conventional orchestral instruments. Ideally, all the instrumentalists should be children, except for the pianist and the string players, whose parts are more difficult.

Alice's Song

You are old, Father William

Wow! Wow Wow!

Will you walk a little faster?

Mock Waltz

They told me you had been to her

This latest version by Stephen Scotchmer is scored for the orchestral forces specified by Beethoven. It is written for divisi violas throughout. The proportions of the movement have been restored to what one would expect (using other concertos by Beethoven as models) and the recapitulation of ideas from the exposition has been restricted to the restatement of the main themes rather than repeating the more discursive developmental passage work. [Read more...]

Beethoven Violin Concerto in C 1st Movement.

Beethoven Violin Concerto in C 2nd Movement.

Beethoven Violin Concerto in C 3rd Movement.

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