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This year is the 250th anniversary of Beethoven’s birth. I have noticed that the violin concerto fragment WoO 5 is being programmed throughout 2020 as part of the celebrations. I believe that this reconstruction/performing edition is the only one in the world that enables the concerto to be performed as a three-movement work.

Beethoven Violin Concerto in C
Reconstruction and performing edition by: Stephen Scotchmer

Shortly before Beethoven left Bonn to settle in Vienna, he composed a violin concerto in C major (1790-1792). There is a lot of conjecture as to whether the work was abandoned, (only 259 bars survive) or whether it was mostly completed and is now mostly lost. The manuscript is complete in terms of scoring and performing directions etc. right up to the last surviving bar. Beethoven also wrote a cadenza (for piano) based on thematic material closely resembling the opening motive of the first movement. It is possible that he may have re-worked the piece as a piano concerto (for his own use). He tended to write cadenzas for his concertos immediately prior to a performance – implying that the work was indeed finished. As late as 1822, Beethoven was offering the work for sale to the publisher Peters!

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